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Sherman for Congress is committed to electing Democratic leaders across the country. Our team will continue hosting phone banks, canvasses, informational meetings, and volunteer training sessions until the mid-term elections in 2018.Congressman Brad Sherman and his team are committed to flipping CA-25, the only Republican held congressional seat in Los Angeles County. Learn more about Democratic efforts in CA-25 by visiting the Swing SoCal Left CA-25 Event Calendar.

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Fixing the Economy
When the recession hit, Brad Sherman made job creation his top priority. He voted for legislation that saved or created more than 3 million jobs. As a result, construction was accelerated on transportation projects in the San Fernando Valley, like the 405-Sepulveda Pass freeway widening project. Hundreds of teachers who were threatened with layoffs are still teaching in Valley schools. And Brad Sherman is leading the fight to protect entertainment industry jobs in our community. Read more...
Standing Up to Wall Street
As a CPA and tax policy expert, Brad Sherman led the effort to oppose the Bush Administration's TARP bailouts of Wall Street. He successfully fought to prevent future bailouts. He helped author the legislation to protect consumers from credit and mortgage fraud, increase capital requirements for banks, and end conflicts of interest for bond rating agencies. Read more...
Protecting Social Security and Medicare
Top Republican leaders are proposing privatizing Social Security and Medicare, cutting benefits, and raising the retirement age to 70. Brad Sherman strongly opposes all efforts to replace Social Security with private accounts that will place retirees at the mercy of the Wall Street. Brad Sherman will fight to stop proposals to replace Medicare with a "voucher" system that would eliminate Medicare's guaranteed health benefits. Congressman Sherman's voting record is rated at 100% by AARP. Read more...
Protecting the Environment
Brad Sherman has been a strong environmental leader, providing critical support for the protection and expansion of park lands in the Santa Monica Mountains. He has worked to improve the Sepulveda Basin recreation area, and to build more local playgrounds, sports fields and bike lanes. Congressman Sherman's voting record is rated at 100% by the Sierra Club. Read more...