Congressman Brad Sherman Wins by 21 Points

Sherman Oaks – Congressman Brad Sherman won the race to represent California’s new 30th Congressional District by a margin of 21%.

The final results are as follows: Sherman: 60.5%, Berman: 39.5%.

“Our internal polling was spot on, and showed why we won this race,” said Scott Abrams, Sherman’s campaign manager. “Valley voters started with a high opinion of both candidates and continued those strong favorabilities right through the end. At the beginning of the race the areas in Sherman’s old district, Berman’s old district, and the regions not represented by either one, had different views of the candidates. By the end of the race these regional differences were slight, and both candidates were regarded similarly in all the areas of the district. In the end, the voters didn’t care about style but sided with Sherman on the three public policy issues that most differentiated the candidates:

• Voters agreed with Sherman that we should have robust, expanding trade, but that it should be fair and balanced. They rejected the so-called free trade agreements that have marked American policy over the last two decades.

• They agreed with Sherman’s emphasis on fighting to preserve Valley home values, helping home buyers get financing, and helping Valley homeowners refinance at low interest rates.

• They agreed with Sherman’s leading role in opposing the $700 billion TARP bailout of Wall Street, and forcing changes in the TARP program.”

Congressman Sherman said, “Neither Howard Berman or I wanted this contest. The vast majority of voters would prefer to have both of us working for them in Washington. Howard Berman has done much to preserve the Santa Monica Mountains, improve Hansen Dam, and fight for our local entertainment industry. He wrote the bill that helps farm workers organize, and the False Claims Act Amendments which saved the federal government billions of dollars. For forty years he has served our state and country, and his long service on the Foreign Affairs Committee, particularly as its former Chairman, benefitted the entire world. Of particular note were his efforts to strengthen the US-Israel relationship, and his leadership in the global fight against HIV/AIDS.”

Congressman Sherman was first elected to Congress in 1996. In January, Sherman will be entering his 9th term in Congress and will hold more seniority on the House Foreign Affairs Committee than any other Democratic voting member of Congress.

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