Latest Reports Show Sherman With Giant 6 To 1 Fund-Raising Lead

The latest Federal Elections Commission filings show Congressman Brad Sherman going into the November election with a giant fund-raising advantage over his rival for the 30th Congressional District seat, Howard Berman.

“We have more than six times as much money in the bank as Berman. That presents the Berman campaign with a very daunting fund-raising challenge,” said Parke Skelton, chief campaign strategist for the Sherman campaign.

The new numbers for the period May 17 to June 30 show Sherman with cash-on-hand of $3,008,514. Berman, on the other hand, has a mere $446,849 in the bank. A Berman-affiliated super-PAC has less than $10,000 cash-on-hand.

The financial numbers are all the more telling when viewed in the context of the June primary when Sherman won what could only be called a landslide victory over Berman despite being heavily outspent. Sherman got 42 percent of the vote, Berman 32 percent in the June 6 primary. Berman’s lackluster showing at the polls came even after his authorized campaign spent $4.2 million and his super PAC spent almost $600,000, for a total expenditure of $4.8 million.

“We were heavily outspent but won in the primary,” said Skelton. “Now going into the second half of this race not only do we have a victory under our belt but also we have an imposing financial advantage. We feel very confident about our situation.”

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