A new independent poll shows Congressman Brad Sherman continues to hold a very large lead over his rival, Howard Berman, in their race. With only six weeks left before the election, Sherman has 45 percent, Berman 32 percent, according to a Survey USA poll released late Thursday.

The poll matches nicely with results from Sherman’s own internal polling. In mid-July, The Feldman Group polled voters in the 30th CD and came up with a 46 to 29 percent split, with Sherman on top. In the June primary, Sherman finished ten points ahead of Berman, 42 to 32 percent.

“These new results show that that our large lead has held steady even after we were hit with an intensified smear campaign by Berman,” said Parke Skelton, the Sherman for Congress chief campaign strategist. “The voters are not being fooled by Berman. They know Brad. They know he shares their Valley values and that he will make their voices heard on national issues.”

The new poll was taken on Sept. 18 and was first aired Thursday night by ABC7 news.

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