Three new Sherman TV ads Focus on Sherman’s record of commitment to the Valley

Oct. 2, 2012 – Cong. Brad Sherman’s campaign released three new TV ads featuring Valley voters talking convincingly about Sherman’s record of protecting open-space in the Santa Monica Mountains, working to expand transportation opportunities for Valley residents, fighting Wall Street bail-out legislation and helping Valley homeowners, social security recipients and veterans get the services they deserve.

The three 30-second ads are now airing on cable TV.

Here’s a snapshot of a few of the testimonials for Sherman coming from Valley residents.

• Edward Goldstein – “I had lost faith in Washington and in most politicians but Brad Sherman is different.”
• Kye Lee and family – “He helped Valley homeowners save thousands of dollars by making it easier to refinance at lower rates.”
• Juan Carlos Casarrubias – “Anyone who fights to keep jobs here in the Valley has got our support.”
• Jerrold F. Guadagni – “My social security payments were held up for months until Cong. Brad Sherman cut the red-tape.”
• Joyce Sachartoff – “Sherman worked to add a lane to the 405 Freeway. I mean who wants to sit in traffic.”
• Mariah Sanchez – “And he worked to fund the Orange Line too.”

All three ads can be seen on YouTube. Here are the links:
Valley voices for Brad Sherman 1
Valley voices for Brad Sherman 2
Valley voices for Brad Sherman 3

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